Yanmar D27

Yanmar D27 is a 27 HP, 3 cylinder diesel, direct injection, SOLAS approved diesel outboard. Comes with L-shaft and tiller handle for standard units. Due to high torque and reliability, Yanmar D27 is a outboard for commercial work boats, auxiliary or wherever reliability is a key factor.


Configuration 4-cycle, vertical, water cooled diesel engine
Number of cylinders 3
Bore and stroke mm (in.) 70 x 70 (2.76 x 2.76)
Displacement cc (cu. in.) 808 (49)
Maximum output hp(kW)/rpm at crankshaft 27hp/4500rpm (19.9kW/4500rpm)
Combustion system Direct injection
Starting system Electric with emergency rope start
Cooling system Direct seawater cooling by rubber impeller pump
Lubrication system Forced lubrication with trochoid pump
Generator AC dynamo built in flywheel
Drive device
Clutch type Dog type clutch
Reduction ratio Ahead/Astern 1.846/1.846
Direction of rotation Clockwise viewed from propeller
Lubrication system Oil bath
Tilt up system AX-E manual AX-EP hydraulic
Control device
Engine speed control Remote control
Clutch control Remote control
Steering Remote control
Transom installation Through bolts with nuts
Fuel oil Diesel fuel with kerosene (Add lube oil, 30:1)
Fuel oil capacity l(cu.in) 24 (1465)
Lube oil Engine SAE 15W40, API CD/
Drive SAE 80W90, API Gear oil #90
Dry weight
L-type 94kgs (207lbs) 102kgs (225lbs)
LL-type 95kgs (209lbs) 103kgs (227lbs)
UL-type 96kgs (212lbs) 104kgs (229lbs)

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